Volleyball Skills

Passing Key Terms: “The Look” shoulders in front of knees, knees in front of feetLifelines together, locked elbows, drive your thumbs to the ground, 2X4 don’t bend, rounded shoulders, see your hands/platform bums away!

Serving Key Terms: Weight on back foot 90 degrees to the net (able to tap front foot), hold the ball in a waitress position (palm does not contact the ball), hold the ball in front of your hitting shoulder, toss the ball 18 inches then hit the ball when it stops, Stop at the top for the float serve. TOSS, STEP (towards the net) HIT.

Overhand Passing/Setting: The Window - Thumbs in your eyes and hide your pinkies, Thumbs on your eyes.Point after you set (superwoman, straight arms), hold your follow through.Split Step – left toe in your right foot arch and separate shoulder width apart.Hips 90 degrees to the net. Toes, shoulders and hips have arrows facing the target (OH).

Hitting/Attack: Four step approach for outside hitters and right side. R handed hitters R, L, R, L (Right, Left, Right, Left). Lefty L, R, L, R. Middle Hitters three step approach, RH-L, R, L and LH R, L, R. Plant your feet with toes toward the court, Eagle Position, Load, Lift and jump in the air and swing.Arm swing – Swing both arms up to “1”, next pull back hitting arm like a chainsaw, and open the door (shoulders), next grab your pony tail / point elbow to the sky. Lead with your elbow, hit high snapping your wrist like a cobra and close the door following through to your right side, if a lefty follow through onyour left side.

Blocking: Elbows in front of your chest, spread fingers wide and make a W with your thumbs and pointing fingers. Jump and penetrate across the net extending your arms straight. Foot work, drop step, cross over air pivot to face toward the net.

Swing Block: Same foot work but arms swing like an attack and the turn and block the hitter.